Common questions

Q: How do we value your firm/caseload?

A: Valuation will largely depend on the profile of the caseload. High value work and/or caseloads where there are a significant number of admissions will attract a premium. Portal and low value work will generally have a lesser value. We very rarely make any payment for goodwill, unless the firm can demonstrate there is value in the name of the business and it can generate new work on the back of that. Generally, we value caseloads and/or firms on the work in progress profile of the work.

Q: How long will the process take?

A: We aim to complete every transaction within 3 months. The fastest we have completed was a week. It very much depends on the circumstances of the selling firm and the extent of any due diligence we need to carry out. If a seller is willing to give contractual warranties this will cut down on the amount of due diligence required.

Q: What makes our offer so attractive?

A: We are confident that we are able to frame a proposal which enables you to earn more money by selling the work to us than by completing it yourself. We believe that there are tax advantages arising from the framework of our deal.  You should take your own accountancy advice, but our formula is well established and road-tested.

Q: What makes our offer different from others out in the market?

A: We always offer cash up front, either in full and final settlement or on account. Other firms are involved in the acquisition market but generally look to make payments out of future earnings. In effect, you are therefore paying yourself from your own income. At the same time, you have lost control of the work, which is high risk. We back ourselves by making immediate cash payments to you to mitigate that risk, and to provide a measure of comfort and working capital at your disposal. We also believe we have the ability to make decisions more quickly.

Q: What do you do about clients transferring to our firm?

A: Our experience is that very few clients object to the transfer as long as their claim is continued to a smooth conclusion. We have an established process of handover between exchange of contracts and completion that ensures as few clients as possible fail to transfer. We agree a protocol with the selling party that is entirely regulation-compliant.

Q: What about defendants challenging the legality of transferring CFA work?

A: The recent case of Bundana has resolved any issues regarding assignment of CFA’s.

Q: What about disbursements you have paid out or are expecting?

A: We will agree, in appropriate cases, to underwrite the costs of already-incurred disbursements and to indemnify you and take over responsibility for disbursements incurred but not paid.  We will discuss this as part of our negotiations.

Q: What about BTE/ATE transfer?

A: We will endeavour to cover transfer to ourselves. Most ATE insurers are well known to us and our model, and agree a transfer of cover. In the event that that is not possible we will seek alternative funding through our nominated partners.  In either instance there will be no loss to yourselves and the clients will be fully indemnified.

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