DEAL: Entire casebook of Josie Robinson Solicitors purchased, a firm covering all areas of medical negligence.

“Why the deal was done: Neil Hudgell said: “This deal came about as we were looking to expand upon our areas of work in and around London, and as Josie was looking for an exit from running her own practice and seeking an opportunity to help the growth of an ambitious firm. Her knowledge of running her own practice, and the specialist areas of work her firm handled, were a great fit and a deal was quickly agreed, bringing benefits to both parties. And also with a focus and established reputation in niche areas including acting for sports men and women who have their careers cut short due to negligent treatment of sports injuries, and handling mental health related cases.”

DEAL: Hudgell Solicitors acquires all ongoing personal injury cases from established specialists Hinchliffes Solicitors

“Why the deal was done: Steven Hinchliffe was keen to ensure the smooth transfer of all ongoing cases into new hands having taken the decision to retire and close the business he had established in 1999.

He said: “Hudgell Solicitors have an excellent track record not only in personal injury and RTA claims, but also importantly in taking over case files from other firms in recent years and ensuring a smooth and successful transition. It was of paramount importance to us that we found a firm to take on the cases which we knew would provide a first-class service to our clients.”

Neil Hudgell said: “We are delighted that Steven saw us as a ‘go to firm’ when considering the best place to transfer his clients to, knowing our track record of ensuring a seamless process for both selling firm and its clients.”

DEAL: Acquisition of personal injury cases from Williamson Hill solicitors.

“Why the deal was done: John Hurley, one of two partners at Williamson Hill, said the decision to sell the files had been prompted by a need to restructure the firm’s caseload due to both health reasons, and Government squeezes on the personal injury market. He said: “This move makes sense at this difficult time. It enables Williamson Hill to continue to develop their private client work whilst knowing that the cases transferred to Hudgell Solicitors will be dealt with in a professional manner and clients will continue to receive a high quality service.”

DEAL: High-value public liability and medical negligence work from Forum Law Ltd, plus transfer of senior fee-earner.

“Why the deal was done: Jeff Zindani, Forum Law managing partner said: “The sale is one of the outcomes of a pre-Jackson review of personal injury based work and a new focus on boutique legal services. Hudgell Solicitors is the ideal purchaser as the practice has national coverage and expertise. The Jackson reforms gave us a window of opportunity to exit before it was too late.”

DEAL: Clinical negligence case files from HRJ Law.

Why the deal was done: Geraldine Kennedy, Managing Director of HRJ Law, said: “This move enabled us to develop our commercial and private client work whilst knowing that the cases transferred to Hudgell Solicitors would be dealt with in a professional manner and clients would continue to receive a high quality service.”

DEAL: 200 client cases from Ganderton Solicitors.

“Why the deal was done: Leigh Ganderton, Managing Director and founder of Ganderton solicitors, said: “It was no longer profitable for us to operate in this sector. It was a very straightforward and unbelievably smooth process.”

DEAL: Workbook of Harris Cartier Limited, mainly containing high value and catastrophic injury work, with a seven-figure valuation.

“Why the deal was done: Followed Harris Cartier going into administration. Neil Hudgell said: “The acquisition from the administrators of Harris Cartier was part of our wider and on-going growth strategy, and thanks to our advisers, who carried out the auditing, we were able to make this deal happen in a very short window of time, and establish a full time base in London.”

DEAL: Gordons Solicitors LLP’s Personal Injury department, and one senior lawyer.

“Why the deal was done: Keith Gordon, Founder and Managing Partner of Gordons Solicitors LLP, said: “Following a strategic review and the advent of the Jackson Reforms we felt that our resources should be concentrated around our core strengths and accordingly were delighted that an agreement was reached with Hudgell Solicitors. The transfer of work was extremely smooth.”

DEAL: Clinical negligence workbook of Pictons Solicitors LLP

“Why the deal was done: Sukh Saini, Pictons’ Managing Partner, said at the time: “Although our clinical negligence department was very successful, the length of time that a case can take meant that we had to review whether we should continue to invest in this area of the law or focus our expertise on the other areas.”

DEAL: Entire book of personal injury and medical negligence cases from Rapid Solicitors, transfer of 120 members of staff, based in three offices, to the Hudgell Solicitors team.

“Why the deal was done: Neil Hudgell said: “Having established a sizeable personal injury and medical negligence specialist firm, we became aware of Rapid Solicitors as one of the biggest personal injury solicitors in the north of England.”