We appreciate the sensitivity of the process so please be assured that all enquiries are received in the strictest of confidence via the personal, secure email address and mobile telephone number for Neil Hudgell, which is prominently displayed on this website.

Once we accept your enquiry a non-disclosure agreement is completed to ensure confidentiality is respected.

We leave you to take your own specialist tax advice, but are confident that the deal can be structured in such a way as to minimise personal and/or company tax liability.

In every instance we have been in competition with other interested parties, but the structure of our deal and our ability to generate cash payments and complete within agreed timescales has enabled us to prevail in negotiations.

We will offer you either;

  • A one off payment for your book of work/practice, or
  • An earn out calcul class=listated as a percentage of recovered profit costs, with an upfront deposit based on current work in progress figures and/or incurred disbursements

In addition, we will, in appropriate cases;

  • Underwrite and/or contribute to the cost of any employee compromise agreements and/or TUPE transfer requirements
  • Advance you a payment to settle professional indemnity insurance run-off cover 
  • Give disbursement indemnity and/or assume responsibility for outstanding agency payments
  • Assist in discharging and/or underwriting outstanding loan agreements.

No two deals are the same and our offer is entirely flexible to suit your needs.

Contact us today for a confidential discussion to go through your options.

The process

  • Step 1 (Day 1)

    Parties Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Step 2 (Day 2)

    Seller completes Information Request

  • Step 3 (Day 7)

    Buyer submits Written Offer

  • Step 4 (Week 2)

    Seller grants Buyer Exclusivity Agreement

  • Step 5 (Week 3/4)

    Buyer undertakes Due Diligence

  • Step 6 (Week 5/6)

    Draft Contracts Prepared

  • Step 7 (Week 8)

    Exchange of Contracts

  • Step 8 (Week 10/12)


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Jeff Zindani

"We decided to sell our personal injury work as part of a change in business strategy. The whole process has been smooth and painless. Neil was good to his word from beginning to end, both in terms of the process, the payment terms and the confidentiality"

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