Hudgell Solicitors have successfully completed a significant number of deals to date and have more in the pipeline.

Josie Robinson, Josie Robinson Medical Solicitors, London

“My practice was successful and certainly something I could have continued with, but I wanted a new challenge and to be able to use my knowledge and skills to make a bigger impact. As part of a firm like Hudgell Solicitors I will be able to influence the development of key areas of the business.”

Jeff Zindani, Quality Solicitors Forum Law, Solihull

“We decided to sell our personal injury work as part of a change in business strategy. The whole process has been smooth and painless. Neil was good to his word from beginning to end, both in terms of the process, the payment terms and the confidentiality”

Paul Halifax, Partner, Quality Solicitors Carters

“The offer from Neil allowed us to access costs from claims that would otherwise have been inaccessible for months to come. Neil did his utmost to ensure the transfer of files was achieved as quickly and as smoothly as possible”

Chris Moore, Partner, MMS

“This move made sense. It enabled MMS to continue with all their private client work while the Medical Negligence department merged knowledge and resources with Hudgell Solicitors to form one consolidated practice, providing a high-quality service for our clients”

Paul Stott, Director, Ingrams Solicitors

“Personal Injury work has been a part of Ingrams since the practice was established. Recent changes in the legal industry have brought about a change in our strategy. We entered into an agreement with Hudgell Solicitors for the sale of our personal injury work. Our clients are our primary focus, and the decision was made in the safe knowledge that the high level of customer service they received would continue under the care of Neil’s practice”

Sukh Saini, Pictons’ Managing Partner

“We are experiencing excellent growth in our commercial department and all of the other areas of the law in which we specialise. Although our clinical negligence department was very successful, the length of time that a case can take meant that we had to review whether we should continue to invest in this area of the law or focus our expertise on the other areas."

"We have informed all our clinical negligence clients and have been assured that those whose cases are being transferred will continue to receive a high level of care, attention and expertise from Hudgell Solicitors, highly respected and well established clinical negligence specialists.”

Keith Gordon, Founder and Managing Partner of Gordons Solicitors LLP,

“Our personal injury department, while making a real contribution to our turnover and profit, has always been marginal in the context of the corporate commercial and litigation work we carry out at Marlow.  Following a strategic review and the advent of the Jackson Reforms we felt that our resources should be concentrated around our core strengths and accordingly we are delighted that an agreement was reached with Hudgell Solicitors.  The transfer of work has been extremely smooth and we believe it’s in the best interests of our clients that a specialist firm such as Hudgell Solicitors has taken on their claims. The relocation of our head of PI to the London office of Hudgell Solicitors will also ensure continuity for clients.”

Leigh Ganderton, Managing Director and founder of Ganderton solicitors

“Personal injury work has been affected by radical governmental reforms and it is no longer profitable for us to operate in this sector.  I am pleased that we have been able to transfer the cases to Hudgell Solicitors.  It has been a very straightforward and unbelievably smooth process.  Importantly, I am confident our clients will continue to receive high levels of service from Hudgell Solicitors.” 

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